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Journey to discover Phu Quoc within 48 hours

Phu Quoc – the most beautiful pearl island in Vietnam, famous for being an amazing tropical paradise with peaceful small islands, bringing a wild natural beauty and harmonizing with the idyllic and rustic beauty of the local culture will make all visitors want to experience it at least once in their lives.

Let’s join Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay – 5-star coastal resort to fully explore this Pearl Island within 48 hours!

Day 1

Morning: Tranh Stream – Ham Ninh fishing village

Tranh Stream

Tranh stream is a Phu Quoc tourist attraction famous for its wild beauty – where you can “drop your soul” into peaceful and poetic natural sceneries.

Stepping from the entrance, you will walk on a path paved with small bricks and look at the green trees on both sides, making you feel completely relaxed.

After only 30 minutes of walking, you will come to a waterfall about 2m high. At the foot of the waterfall, there is a lake about 1-1.5m deep. Tranh stream originates from clear streams on the majestic Ham Ninh mountain range. Each stream of water flows through each rock and tree stump, creating a beautiful scene of pristine mountains and forests of Phu Quoc.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Continuing the journey, the peaceful Ham Ninh Fishing Village will be a destination that you cannot ignore. This place is famous for being an old village with myrtleple thatched roofs and will give you a feeling of closeness, like coming back to your hometown.

The people here mainly live by spreading nets, catching sea cucumbers and pearls. Coming here, not only can you be enthralled by the unique seascape and the rustic life of local fishermen, but you will also be amused by extremely appetizing fresh seafood dishes.

Most especially, the famous Ham Ninh crab dish is praised by many visitors every time they come to the place. You also cannot skip the famous horn scallop dish that fascinates every single visitor.

Afternoon: Phu Quoc pepper garden – Myrtle wine – Fish sauce barrel house

Visiting Khu Tuong Pepper Garden

Khu Tuong is one of the largest pepper growing areas in Phu Quoc, not only bringing a high economic value, but also known as a beautiful attraction – a place you must visit every time you come to the pearl island.

As soon as you step into the garden, you will be overwhelmed with the tall and straight lines of pepper. The whole space is covered with a green color and you will be able to see firsthand how people take care of and harvest this spice.

You can freely check in at green pepper rows stretching like a maze, hand-pick heavy pepper clusters, learn about its growing process and be guided how to choose the best pepper to bring back as gifts.

Enjoy the rich taste of myrtle wine

The journey will not be complete if you have not enjoyed a glass of myrtle wine. At visiting spots such as Thanh Long or Bay Gao myrtle wineries, you can see with your own eyes the process of making this beverage entirely manually. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to see the hill with huge and succulent myrtles that are extremely eye-catching.

You will experience unforgettable moments when taking a sip of fresh myrtle wine or trying other unique myrtle products such as myrtle syrup or myrtle honey… These are also meaningful gifts for your loved ones after your journey at this pearl island.

Explore the Fish Sauce House

Having come to Phu Quoc, it is impossible not to discover the typical fish sauce barrel houses here. You will be able to visit and be introduced to the typical Phu Quoc fish sauce and its elaborate production process.

After the fish is harvested, it will be washed and incubated in tanks with a large capacity that can hold from 15 to 20 tons of fish. In the period from 6 months to 1 year, fish sauce will be taken from large barrels and classified based on the percentage of protein to determine different selling prices. Here, you will be guided by technicians to distinguish various products in stages based on their color and taste….

You can try the sauce directly to feel all the essence in every drop created by the talented hands of the islanders.

Evening: Dinner at Restaurant – Lounge – Bar Horizons

Restaurant – Lounge – Bar Horizons is one of the beautiful culinary spaces of Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay resort, where you can enjoy a peaceful evening with Mediterranean flavored dishes according to international standards, along with delicious tropical fruit cocktails.

Day 2

Morning: Catch the dawn at Bai Dai

Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay is located right at the dreamy Bai Dai beach with wild natural beauty, surrounded by a green tropical forest – which will become an ideal stopover for all guests who are looking for a high-class resort.

What could be better than waking up in a sumptuous room with a stunning view of the sea? You can immerse yourself in the soothing sound of waves and feel the winds ringing among green trees. Let’s start energetic days with the blue beach, golden sand and brilliant sunrise waiting.

Put on your favourite outfit, walk on the white fine sand that is creeping into each toe and feel the peaceful and poetic scenery only available on this Pearl Island.

Noon: Relax at Olympic Standard Swimming Pool

Noon is the most ideal time for you to dip into the refreshing water at the main pool area which helps soothe your soul and regain your energy to continue your interesting journey on this beautiful Pearl Island in the following days.

The swimming pool at Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay is designed with Cabana huts – where you can relax, sip a cool tropical cocktail and be charmed by beautiful sceneries in the early morning or drop your soul into the starry sky at the end of the day.

Afternoon: Hon Thom Cable Car – Visit Dinh Cau

Visit Hon Thom Cable Car

The cable car is extended from An Thoi town through Hon Roi, Hon Dua to Hon Thom with a length of 7,899m and a height of 174m.

Sitting on the cable car will bring a completely different experience: You will admire the whole beauty of the wild, cloud-like nature of the sea, islands, green forests and the life of the idyllic village fishermen.

Getting off the cable car, you can enjoy the whole beauty of Hon Thom Pearl Island with fine white sand, clear jade-colored sea water and a spectacular natural arrangement of unspoiled old forests.

Coming here, you can freely experience many water activities such as: diving to see corals, banana floats, parachute pulling, walking on the seabed… When you are tired, you can try local cuisine with special dishes such as: herring salad, grilled sea urchin and countless other attractive seafood dishes.

Visiting Dinh Cau

Dinh Cau is also known as the temple of Long Vuong or Dragon King. Right in the main hall, there will be the shrine to worship Lord Ngoc Nuong Nuong and the statue of Hai Cau. According to the beliefs of the locals, these gods will support them to live a peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life.

Dinh Cau was built according to the neo-renovation architecture, similar to the communal houses of the Northerners, with red tile and solid roofs. Dinh Cau is located on a large cliff with a strange shape blended with the amazing beauty of the blue sea and white sand. In the late afternoon, the whole scenery of Dinh Cau gradually turns into an extremely beautiful landscape painting.

The right time to visit Dinh Cau is from June to March next year. You will admire the scene of local people praying for peace and having a lively festival.

Evening: Dinner at Amber Sands Beach Club

Return to Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay resort to enjoy unique dining and entertainment services right on the beach at Amber Sands Beach Club.

You will be amused by the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes, as well as scrumptious meats selected by our chef himself and served directly on the open fire.

Having a good time with delicious food in a lively music space, next to the mesmerizing view of Bai Dai with thousands of stars and the murmuring sound of waves crashing on the shore will be unforgettable memories for you when coming to Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay.

If you have the opportunity to visit Phu Quoc, come visit Crowne Plaza Phu Quoc Starbay to enjoy your days full of relaxation and immerse yourself in the poetic nature of the pearl island – the land that preserves the pristine and rustic beauty, capturing the love of every tourist who has arrived here.

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