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TOP 5 islands to experience in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is known as a famous island paradise of Vietnam and one of the best destinations in Asia voted by CNN in 2019.

Phu Quoc attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the islands thanks to its wild beauty bestowed by mother nature, to experience the life of local fishermen and enjoy many exciting activities.

A trip to Phu Quoc would not be complete without a journey to discover the 5 famous picturesque islands below:

Discover 5 beautifully picturesque islands in Phu Quoc

Thom Island

Thom Island is located in the North of Phu Quoc with an impressive beauty likened as the “Maldives of the Indian Ocean” by many magazines, making every visitor who once comes always flutter and admire.

The rows of green coconut trees are silhouetted on the fine white sand, enveloping the blue sea and the waves crashing on the shore as if dispelling the troubles of all tourists. Interspersed with natural rock formations with many unique shapes, famous and beautiful beaches such as Chao beach, Chuong beach, Nam beach in the distance are waiting for you to explore.

May Rut Ngoai Island

May Rut Ngoai located in the Southwest is a small unspoiled island with very few people living and separate from Phu Quoc archipelago. Visitors will freely immerse themselves in the natural green scenery and enjoy precious moments of peace.

It will be more wonderful to soak in the crystal clear water to see colorful coral reefs and small fishes swimming right below, as all your troubles will be dispelled and only laughter remains.

Mong Tay Island

Mong Tay is another small unspoiled island located in the South, about 14 km from Phu Quoc archipelago. Mong Tay Island is completely separate from the maritime shipping route, so there is no intervention of humans and machines. Because of that, Mong Tay Island still retains its liberal and rustic beauty of untouched nature, making every visitor head over heels in love with the beautiful scenery here.

Mong Tay Island is most beautiful at sunset, as the red sun gently covers areas of ​​​​the sky and the sea, creating a dreamy and fanciful scene that makes anyone’s heart become light and relaxed when looking at it.

Gam Ghi Island

Just like Mong Tay Island – Gam Ghi Island preserves its own wild beauty of nature where there are not many human footprints. The sea water at Gam Ghi Island is extremely crystal clear that visitors just need to look down to see the colorful coral reefs right below.

Coming here, you will find a peaceful and serene space to experience different exciting sea activities such as swimming, diving, walking on the white sand to admire breathtaking natural sceneries or to explore the cliffs with many strange shapes bestowed by nature and take memorable photos next to your loved ones.

Xuong Island

Xuong Island, as known as An Tay Island, is a small island that many tourists liken as a “Paradise on Earth” with dark blue sea, smooth white sand, cool air, and natural scenery, making visitors fall in love instantly.

Coming to Xuong Island, visitors can explore the blue ocean with many coral reefs located at a fairly shallow depth, uniquely colored fishes swimming around, and even puffer fish, barracuda and giant clams right under your feet. A day of experience at Phu Quoc – Xuong Island will leave many beautiful and unforgettable memories in the heart of every visitor coming here.

Final words

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